Hospital Sibu, Malaysia

February 2011 saw the installation of the first S180 Sterifeed  ‘Safe Pasteurisation System’ in Malaysia.  Hospital Sibu on the Island of Sarawak, Malaysia, purchased the system for their NICU department.

The pasteuriser is being used for treating mother’s milk  fed from mother to baby.

The Sterifeed safe pasteurisation system eliminates HIV, CMV, MRSA, Group  B  streptococcal   and other bacteria which are harmful to newborns. For these reasons Hospital Sibu decided to purchase a safe pasteurisation system to treat the mothers’ milk as a method of quality control before feeding it to her baby.

We would like to thank our distributor in Malaysia, HNS Medical and in particular Faizul Rahman the project manager and Dr Chein from Hospital Sibu for all their hard work in getting the Sterifeed ‘Safe Pasteurisation System’ project up and running at Hospital Sibu.


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U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector
Double-Grip® Cord Clamp and Cord Clamp® Clipper
Amnihook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator
T30 Pasteuriser
S90 Eco Pasteuriser
S180 Eco Pasteuriser
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Data Logger
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Induction Cap Sealer
Tamper Evident Safety Seal Bottles
BPA Free Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles – Fully compliant with EU Directive(2011/8/EU)
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