100ML Bottle

100ML Bottle

By popular demand Sterifeed have introduced their new 100ml bottle to their bottle range.

BISPHENOL A FREE – Made from clarified polypropylene.

All Sterifeed bottles now have easy to read, accurate printed graduations.


Plastibell® Circumcision Device
U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector
Double-Grip® Cord Clamp and Cord Clamp® Clipper
Amnihook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator
T30 Pasteuriser
S90 Eco Pasteuriser
S180 Eco Pasteuriser
Refrigerators and Freezers
Data Logger
Label Printer for Pasteuriser & Waterproof Labels
Induction Cap Sealer
Tamper Evident Safety Seal Bottles
BPA Free Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles – Fully compliant with EU Directive(2011/8/EU)
100ML Bottle
Glass Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles
Latex Free Sterile Teat Units
Feeding Cups